Plan Administration

Plan Administration, Proposal, Implementation and Maintenance

Plan Administration

Plan Administration

Plan Design and Implementation is offered for both new and existing plans. We consult with both the Advisor and the Plan Sponsor to perfectly tailor a plan that suits the Plan Sponsor’s requirements and wishes. We educate Plan Sponsors on the variety of  terminology as it relates to their plan such as contributions, allocations, distributions, eligibility, top heavy, required minimums, vesting, rollovers and hardship to name a few.

We then present a proposal, based upon our discussions of Plan requirements and wishes and actual census data gathered for the retirement plan from the Plan Sponsor.  We list in real dollars all the costs associated with the Plan Design so there are no surprises. We work with Advisors and Plan Sponsors to educate employees on the offered retirement plans and how they work.

The next step is implementation of the Plan Design into a plan document that complies with all current laws. We review the process of Plan Implementation step by step with both the Advisor and Plan Sponsor.  We file all of our plan documents with the Internal Revenue Service – EBSA (Employee Benefit Security Administration) for a favorable determination letter to ensure that your plan is a known instrument with the IRS.

Once the Plan is implemented, we proactively work to answer any and all questions from both our Advisors and their Plan Sponsors so that everyone knows what to expect while maintaining a successful retirement plan.
The Plan Sponsor is kept abreast of all changes in government regulations and improving trends that could affect their plan and improve its success.

As part of our services, we provide the Plan Sponsor with an annual report, which is a bound booklet, summarizing all required tax forms and a complete financial analysis of your plan’s assets by the plan valuation date as well as a Summary of Account at the participant level broken down by asset source and transaction type.

Both Plan Sponsors and Advisors can rest assured that we pride ourselves in heading off problems before they start. If ever an issue arises, we contact you not only to inform you of the issue, but to offer an immediate solution.

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