Correction Support

Audit And Investigation, Notice And Correction Support

Plan Correction

Plan Correction

If one of our Plan Sponsors is audited by the IRS or investigated by the DOL, we stand by our work. We will prepare the Plan Sponsor for the audit date and explain what to expect from the process.

We can either host the investigation in our Atlanta office or travel to the Plan Sponsor’s office to review the plan records with the investigating agent. We provide the agent with answers to questions and any supplementary documentation to aid in the process. Written responses to the investigation will be provided for everyone’s records in addition to any corrective actions required such as revised annual reports.

If a Plan sponsor receives a Notice from the IRS, just forward to our office for response support.  We will copy you in on the response we send on your behalf.

Know that we stand by our plans, Plan Sponsors and Advisors. We are always here for you.

Plan Correction

Even the best laid plans can go awry, for example your operation of the plan is not following your plan document…Part of what we here at R. Bruce Tanner and Associates do as TPAs is help you through Plan Correction.

First, we monitor your plan to keep it compliant. If and when an issue arises, we offer you solutions upfront. The effectiveness of plan changes and associated costs are explained to you so the best resolution can be reached for your situation. We navigate the Employee Plans Correction Resolution System (EPCRS) for you. We research and review the plan defect, explain how current legislation requires the change to the Plan Sponsor, determine the best route for correction and implement it from drafting the correction to submitting all the paperwork. We can seek a compliance letter from EPCRS.

Another part of our services is ensuring that Plan Advocates, the communicator at the Employer level, understand when they should contact us and why, as well as what the consequences are for plan operation noncompliance. We strive to educate the Plan Sponsor and Advocate to the point of comfortable familiarity with the implementation and maintenance of the Retirement Plan.

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