Our Practices

Our Practices

We at R. Bruce Tanner and Associates believe in what we do. We want to educate and guide our Plan Sponsors and support our Advisors in their commitments to the Plan’s Success. This is why we make these mantras to you:
Responsible, Experienced and Dedicated

* Responsibility

We are serious about retirement plan administration and stand by our work for accuracy and with compassion.

* Experience and Staying Power

We have been a TPA in Atlanta for over 30 years. You can rest assured we will be here in the coming years to help you design, implement and maintain your retirement plans using the latest technology, best practices and cutting edge plan design.  We also have some of the longest client relationships in the business.

* Dedication

We commit to do our best to answer all questions, and guide you through the day to day processes and to ease the burden of the important paperwork which must be documented.

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