Choosing Tanner And Associates as your TPA allows you to Plan On - Retirement Success

Retirement success takes Planning and Cooperation! Tanner & Associates is passionate about your Retirement Plan Success and offers our Responsible, Experienced and Dedicated Team to reach your Retirement Plan Goals. Employers who take the steps to implement or revamp a plan must be involved and their Employees must be informed and eager to participate. We rely on three vital components to achieve these Goals: A Motivated Employer, a Like-minded Advisor and our Service expertise as a TPA or Service Provider. Advisors help Employer/Plan Sponsors and participants strategize to meet their retirement goals with confidence and enthusiasm. Tanner & Associates, a third-party administrator, TPA or Service Provider, uses the goals of the Plan Sponsor to design, implement and maintain a retirement plan in accordance with the law.

Advisors can rely on Tanner & Associates to provide sustenance for the essential services they provide, through informative maintenance for the Plan Sponsor and personalized guidance to navigate the legal specifics.

Plan Sponsors can always expect helpful and friendly services and support to carry them through the process of implementing and annually maintaining retirement plans that comply with all government regulations while offering the best plan design specific to each Employer/Plan Sponsor.

Retirement Success Retirement Success
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